About us

Today, more than ever, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry are requested to make efficient products, safe for people and for the environnement.

By using lanolin, all this criterias are fullfilled!


Woolgrease, as its name suggests, is a natural product that originates from the wool of sheep raised especially for their wool. Woolgrease protects the sheep against the effects of weather, and also helps them to maintain the hygiene fo their fleeces thanks to the presence of some naturally occuring lanoli acids which possess antibacterial properties. The sheep are sheared regularly in order to promote their well-being.


Lanolin is a product of ecology, being both natural and renewable. As a natural by-product of the wool industry, the utilization of woolgrease as a raw material for the production of lanolin and lanolin derivatives means that lanolin production is environmentally friendly.

Suitable for sensitive skins

Our pharmaceutical grades of lanolins are manufactured using state-of-the-art refining technology. Our lanolins are incredibly safe and are both suitable for use in cosmetic and pharmaceutical products, and baby care. The lanolin is the perfect ingredient to protect and repair sensible and dry skins.